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Vectorworks and Pangolin Laser Visualization Integration

We are excited to announce that we have been working together with Vectorworks to integrate lasers into Vision, Vectorwork’s professional previz software. Vision now has the capability to take the visualization data in from our BEYOND software and visualize lasers (along with lighting and video) directly within your Vectorworks drawings and designs.

This newly founded software integration between BEYOND and Vision is especially useful for professional clients who not only need a visualization platform but use Vectorworks eco-system from design to implementation including accurate drawings, rigging calculations, and truck packs. To creating beautiful and stunning designs.

With the accuracy and actuality of the Vectorworks platform, adding lasers to your Vectorworks and Vision drawings will allow for accurate pre-programming where only minor adjustments will be needed onsite. Saving time and money to put towards creating the most beautiful display possible.

Watch the Laser Visualization overview, made by our partners at Vectorworks.

Take an in-depth look at what lasers look like, rendered and recorded live, right inside of Vision.

In addition, we are going to be hosting a live webinar in partnership with Vectorworks, featuring Jim Woodward from Vectorworks, and our Creative Director Lyra Letourneau.

Together, they'll cover the basics of implementing lasers inside of Vision from BEYOND, in a way that allows beginners or advanced users to easily familiarize themselves with the workflow, to create the most beautiful shows possible.

Register to attend the live webinar here:

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