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BEAM BRUSH | Paint With Laser Light!

We at Pangolin are proud to announce the release of BEAMBRUSH ™, a new Pangolin technology that was unveiled at the 2019 ILDA Conference in Orlando, FL.

BEAM BRUSH ™ incorporates all of the patented technology we have spent the last two decades developing, it allows you to increase and decrease the divergence of the laser beam, in real time – at the speed of scanning. All while maintaining the integrity and design of your show.

The Power Of Beam Brush™

BEAM BRUSH ™ is great for artists who want to “color-in” and truly paint using laser light. Using BEAM BRUSH ™ you, as the graphical or abstract artist, will be able to create more diverse and uplifting projected images, thus forging a whole new dimensionality of effects.

Beam Brush graphic example 1Beam Brush graphic example 2Beam Brush graphic example 3

Aerial beam effects with beam brush

Ideal for aerial beam effects and liquid skies

particularly when doing audience scanning! Using BEAM BRUSH ™ you can create stunning hits within a beam chase further amplifying the effect, providing a wash effect to the laser light, all in real time.

High and low divergence with Pangolin Beam Brush

Increase Audience Scanning Safety

BEAM BRUSH ™ dramatically increases the safety of your show when doing audience scanning, as you can increase the divergence of the beam – in real time – as it passes into an audience area, while not effective the beams going over head. When used in combination with Pangolin’s PASS, you have an all-around and complete laser safety solution for audience scanning effects.


During ILDA, we demonstrated the fifth-generation version of our BEAM BRUSH ™ system. From here, will be finalizing the production version of the device, and setting up serial production. In addition, we will be working on manuals, documentation, and related training videos, to help you incorporate this game changing technology, into your next show.

BEAM BRUSH ™ will be an exclusive product sold inside of projectors offered through Pangolin, and it can support a variety of laser powers. It will be officially available for integration following Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt, 2019.

We invite you to come see the show during Prolight+Sound Frankfurt, where we and our partners at KVANT will showcase this new technology on a massive scale, with a complete multimedia show highlighting the effect. You can visit in hall 12.1, booth E51.

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