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Production Update 1288 - Features Overview

Production  Update 1288

We're happy to announce the release of our latest production update for BEYOND and QuickShow software. Update 1288 contains the highly anticipated FB4 Beam Content Pack, along with new control protocols CITP and sACN.

You can update BEYOND by downloading the installer using the button below, or by using the update menu within BEYOND software. We have also released an update for QuickShow software as well and that installer can also be found below.

Download The BEYOND Installer

BEYOND Software Main Screen

Download The QuickShow Installer

QuickShow Software Main Screen

FB4 Beam Content Pack 1.0

Take your console controlled laser shows to the next level!

FB4 Beam Content Pack 1.0

We are pleased to announce the release of our FB4 Beam Content Pack! Providing you with 1500 cues stored on the FB4's memory, that can be directly controlled from a lighting console.

The content pack was designed for as many use cases as possible. It starts off with 80 basic cues (gobos) that are simple to use with console effect engines, making the lasers operate like a standard lighting fixture.

Then we added over 500 unique cues that include effects such as laser lines, waves, circles, spokes, points and more! All designed to help you build more powerful laser shows. Each cue has been hand crafted to perfection by eliminating tails, creating perfect loops, and optimizing all cues to run at nearly the FPS as one another.

To get started, you'll need to download the content pack and upload it to your FB4 media sever. Watch our installation guide and download all required materials by clicking the button below.

FB4 Beam Content Pack

CITP Control Protocol

CITP is a protocol designed to communicate between lighting consoles and media servers, in our case we are using CITP to transfer thumbnails and cue names to your lighting console to give you pictures inside of your console for programming. This makes selection much easier without the need to reference either software, or document back and forth to find the exact cue you are looking for.

CITP ManualWIKI Link

CITP Protocol BEYOND SoftwareCITP Protocol Being Used

sACN - Control Protocol

sACN has been added to beyond as a new way to send DMX512 Data for input and output, giving you improved reliability, efficiency and frame-rate. It's become a more popular protocol in the recent years over Artnet because of its advantages. You can find it as an option under “DMX/ Art-Net Setup” Window inside of BEYOND.

sACN Manual WIKI Link
sACN Protocol Inside BEYOND Software

Check out our Quick Hints video "DMX Settings" to learn how to setup sACN inside of BEYOND software.

BEAM BRUSH | Paint With Laser Light!
FB4 Beam Content Pack 1.0



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