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KINETIC LASERS - New plugin for BEYOND software

In recent times, kinetic moving fixtures being combined with lighting elements (such as lasers) has become a very popular effect worldwide. You can see this being used at a wide variety of permanent installations, productions, and events. 

Controlling Kinetic fixtures and sequencing those elements together with lasers has been somewhat of a painful process, due to the amount of time, and programming effort required to create the effect. 

Taking this into consideration and seeing the popularity of Kinetic fixtures in general, Pangolin’s software development team has created a new plugin for their industry leading BEYOND software, that allows clients combine lasers and lighting with Kinetic fixtures, is a much faster, easier, and more structured way. 

Kinetic Tracking - BEYOND Screen Shot

Using the new plugin, you will be able to quickly sequence a laser beams position in conjunction with the movement of a Kinetic moving fixture, so that the laser beam is following the position of the Kinetic fixture. With the new plugin, BEYOND is giving you the entire setup process, and opens the door for external control of your laser beam positions, for the kinetic lights, so you control the motion of the beam, and take in incoming DMX / ArtNET data, to apply various effects to the laser beams, to make the show more exciting. This setup can be done directly from the BEYOND software, and controlled externally using the DMX or ArtNET protocols - so you can control both the kinetic lights and corresponding laser effects, all from your favorite lighting console.

In the video below, our programmer, Lyra Letourneau, shows you on an in-depth look of Kinetic Target Plugin in action, at the Pangolin booth during Prolight+Sound Frankfurt 2019. 

Laser Content, for Lighting Designers | New FB4 Content Pack
Prolight+Sound 2019



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