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Pangolin Laser Systems Helps Make Laser Shows Safer, with Innovative Laser Safety Products

The popularity of laser light shows has risen exponentially over the past few years, and many experts now believe that the laser light show industry is valued at over a quarter of a billion dollars. 

With such a huge increase in the number of new people entering the laser show business, as well as the number of laser light shows taking place, the need for proper laser safety training and easy-to-use laser safety products has also grown. 

Pangolin Laser Systems has been in business for more than 28 years, and has always been a leader in the application and promotion of laser safety. The company has received numerous patents and international awards for innovative laser safety technologies they have brought to the market. 

In a recent laser safety seminar (which took place as a part of the LDI Exhibition in Las Vegas this past November), Pangolin’s President and CTO William R. Benner Jr. discussed some of the issues surrounding laser safety, and explained how Pangolin is providing clients with easy-to-use safety products, which help them perform shows that are not only beautiful, but are also safe and in many cases more enjoyable to watch. During his presentation, Benner also highlighted free information and articles which discuss laser safety, and are available on the Pangolin website: 

Some of the technologies discussed during Benner’s presentation include Pangolin’s patented “Beam Attenuation Map Technology” (BAM for short), which allows operators to reduce the output power of the laser projector, when projecting into specific area. This feature (which comes standard in all Pangolin software, including the popular QuickShow, BEYOND and LD2000 programs), allows operators to reduce the output power of the laser projector to a safe level for those viewing the show, or for performers who may be exposed to the laser beams.

In addition to their Beam Attenuation Map, Benner’s presentation also discussed other patented Pangolin Laser Safety Technologies, such as their Professional Audience Scanning Safety System (PASS for short) and their Safety Scan Lenses, both of which are considered as standards in the USA for performing audience scanning laser light shows (where the laser projection is directed into the audience, so that the laser beams actually touch people in attendance or the performer’s themselves). 

Audience scanning has become more popular in the United States recently, and many high-profile tours and shows are using a PASS and Pangolin’s Safety Scan Lens technology to incorporate audience scanning into their events. Some of these events include the recent Justin Timberlake 20/20 World Tour, the Dave Matthews Band US tour, as well as events performed by Grammy Award-Winning artist DRAKE.

More information about Pangolin’s PASS System and their Safety Scan Lens technology can be found online at the following links: 


Safety Scan Lenses

Pangolin encourages all laser operators to take laser safety seriously, and in addition to creating laser safety products, they have also partnered with trade associations like the International Laser Display Association (ILDA) to host laser safety training seminars, and laser safety officer training courses. 

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