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Pangolin at the LASERWORLD of Photonics Munich Show

The Pangolin Team is now exhibiting at the 2013 Laserworld of Photonics Munich Exhibition, showcasing the latest technologies from our LASORB and ScannerMAX divisions. LASORB is a semiconductor copmonent, used to protect laser diodes from failures caused by ESD and power surges. It is the only product of it’s kind available in the marketplace, and we have different part formulations avaialbe, optimized for the various opeating voltages for different laser diodes. We are pleased to showcase our latest LASORB part formulation at this show, which is optomized to protect GREEN laser diodes, like those made by the copmany OSRAM.

In addition, we are very excited to be showcasing our all new Saturn 5 galvanometer based optical scanners, and our VRAD line of

We just released our latest VRAD parts, including the all new VRAD 516 and 508 – Which are great for use a beam stops, choppers, and deflectors.

The 2015 Pangolin Shows Competition has begun!



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