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The MUSE “Resistance” World Tour

Our friends at ER Productions were at it again this year, providing the lasers on the high profile MUSE “Resistance” World Tour. ER Productions were asked to design a laser display system that would fit in line with the theme of the Album “The Resistance”… What better way to do this than to place the Band in a 75 mirror 60ft wide 60ft high laser prison!

Show Tech
ER Productions toured 10 high powered laser systems including 1 system ran entirely by MUSE front man Matt Bellamy. All systems were controlled using a combination of Pangolin Laser Control Systems, including LD2000 and the QM2000.NET hardware. 1 x 10watt whitelight laser was mounted in Matts Hydraulic Riser and produced a Laser Beam that Matt then directed into the audience using a diffraction mirror. This specific effect was used during the bands performance on “Uprising” one of the hit singles on the album. For the 1st time ever a British Touring company was able to use these laser effects in the USA after convincing the proper U.S authorities that ER Productions had the experience and safety requirements available to meet the US standards. ER Productions was praised for their acute interest in the safety of the audience and for their investment in using the Worlds best metering equipment proving the safety of all laser effects used. All laser were connected to an ER designed E-Stop systems ensuring quick shutdown.

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