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BeamBrush™ Graphic Laser Show by Peterjan Ruysch


Pangolin's CTO William Benner worked on some custom programming for 3D Studio MAX, and collaborated with a well known long-time user and friend Pieterjan Ruysch, who took these custom tools and created an incredible graphic laser show to explore the possibilities of what might be done using our new BeamBrush™ technology using 3D software!

Here is what Pieterjan had to say:

"Laser magic is the magical book containing many things the world hasn't seen before now. It's a place where nature, science and futuristic scenes are being blended together. Follow along the journey where laser graphics are stylized in a way that has never been seen before. This show makes intentional use of Z-depth rendering along with 2D elements."

BeamBrush™ Revolutionizes Laser shows in 4 main ways:


Reimagine the way you create laser beam effects. Take the versatility of your classical moving head lighting fixture, then combine with the visual impact of a laser projector! With instant zoom, wash, waving, and position; combined with the razor sharp coherent profile of lasers.


BeamBrush revolutionizes audience scanning laser display! BeamBrush is able to actively increase and decrease the divergence of the laser beam in real-time, allowing you to finally use a laser, like a normal moving head fixture.


BeamBrush brings new life back into the classic style of abstract laser shows, adding a new level of depth, dimension, and abstract effects, that will blow your audience away.


Now you can paint, with laser! Take a different approach on creating laser graphics, by texturizing the characters of your text, coloring in your laser logos, and adding a new "dimension" to your graphical laser displays.

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