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Toyota 2019 RAV4 Activation

Toyota RAV4 Activation - RAV4

Genius Laser Technology, certified Pangolin dealer and well-known laser show experts, recently did an event with a Japanese automotive company Toyota, for their RAV4 Activation launch at the Optus Stadium in Perth, Australia.

The show contained just around 600W of high power laser projectors, all of which use Pangolin's FB4 control hardware. Units were aligned perfectly to cover the entire length of the field while giving the audience and broadcast team the best coverage of the action. 

All the lasers were controlled from Pangolin's BEYOND Ultimate software, giving Genius Laser complete control over their twenty-two high power lasers.

Toyota RAV4 Activation - RAV4 front shot

Toyota RAV4 Activation - cheerleaders

Toyota RAV4 Activation - RAV4 laser text

Lasers controlled live from a Guitar/Keyboard!
EDC Las Vegas 2019 - BEYOND Software and MA Control, power the show!



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