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ZEDD “True Colors” World Tour

Russian-German musician Zedd is currently promoting his second studio album, True Colors on his True Colors world tour, that began on August 6th and will run through November 28, 2015. The tour spans cities across the globe from Singapore to Los Angeles to London.

In addition to his hit songs, Zedd is intentionally debuting never-before-heard songs during the tour so his audience can “live” the songs as he intends – through an intense “True Colors” visual experience. Pyrotecnico was brought on board to amplify that experience with their innovative lasers, pyro, and special FX. You can learn more about Pyrotecnico, and their amazing lineup of lasers and special FX here: https://www.pyrotecnico.com.

Show tech

In addition to their custom pyrotechnic spinners, close proximity pyrotechnics, flames, cryogenics, confetti/streamers, Pyrotecnico brought 9 lasers on board, for this tour. They also utilized Pangolin’s Beyond software and FB3QS hardware to design and control the custom, high powered RGB Spectrum series lasers developed by KVANT. Four of the lasers were spread out across the stage, two were placed in the DJ booth, and three were mounted on the mid-stage truss. “The end result is purely captivating and we’re thrilled,” states Pyrotecnico Creative Director Rocco Vitale.

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