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50,000 Frame Laser Show!

Creating a 100-frame laser show can be tedious depending on the complexity of the frames, so could you imagine creating a 50,000-frame laser show? Quite a few late nights, many red bulls, and immense laser programming sessions later, the team over at LaserTech Canada did just that. 

“Lineate”, is a 50,000-frame laser show that was created by Derek Garbos at LaserTech Canada for the opening performance at C2 Montreal, in collaboration with the Creative Laboratory of Cirque du Soleil. The live show was designed around the idea of light sculpting, and ephemeral architecture. This incredible show not only wowed the hundreds of people who got to experience it live, but won first place at the 2019 ILDA awards for best Live Laser Show. 

Laser Show Technology

The show was programmed using our BEYOND laser show control software, optimized to run exactly at 60-Frames-Per-Second, and projected using only a single laser projector. Now that’s what we call impressive.

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