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Samsung Galaxy S6

Director GMUNK and Visual Artist Adam LaBay at FW Lighting have done it again, programming some incredible laser and cinemotography effects for the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S6. Using the advanced features in the Pangolin BEYOND software, and laser projectors and systems from the Pangolin Projector Referral Network, Adam took his incredible artistic skills and brought these technologies to life, creating a stunning sequence of laser visuals and displays, that accurately expressed the excitement surrounding this new product release.

Director GMUNK, who visualized and oversaw how the advertisment would be portrayed was also quoted in saying “The process for this clip was highly technical, as it was mostly executed using motion-controlled cinematography along with macro lenses using very short focus distances. We had to tightly synchronize these two major elements with an array of Laser Projectors. Add in the backlit LED screens shining through the acrylic lettering and you have a set full of expensive gear and a lot of moving parts.”

Below you can see a behind the scenes video, showing some of the laser effects used, as well as giving an inside look, at the new Samsung Galaxy S6.

Show Tech: 

Pangolin’s new Beyond laser control software was used to create the laser effects seen in this video. Adam LaBay and FW lighting used the FB3QS hardware, for laser output. The lasers used during the filming included 2 x ClubMAX 6000 systems, obtained from Pangolin’s new division, the Pangolin Projector Referral Network, which helps clients find quality lasers, at affordable prices, with first class support and service to back them up.

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