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Beam Effects

Imagine the versatility of classical moving head lighting, combined with the visual impact of laser!

BeamBrush gives you instant zoom, wash, waving and positioning; combined with the razor sharp coherent profile of laser. So you can move from a classical moving head appearance, to a razor sharp laser look, instantaneously.


BeamBrush revolutionizes the safety of audience scanning laser displays so you can finally use a laser, like a normal moving head fixture.

Increase and decrease divergence in real time, and project stunning atmospheric laser effects into your audience area, ensuring those looks are safe for viewing at any given distance.


BeamBrush brings new life into a classic style of lasershow.

Add depth, dimension, and create never before seen abstract effects, that will amaze your audience.


Now you can paint, with laser!

Texture characters, color in your logos, and add a new dimension to graphical lasers displays. Add "depth of field" to content, something never before possible with laser graphic displays.

How to Buy

BeamBrush is an OEM product, that is designed and developed to be integrated into new KVANT projectors offered through Pangolin.

If you are interested in a BeamBrush equipped projector, please contact us by emailing and we can discuss options with you.

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