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Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live is known around the world for having some amazing musical productions taking place on the show set.

In one of the shows latest episodes, they did a comical video titled “YOLO” which featured Adam Levine of Maroon 5 as well as Kendrick Lamar. The directors at Saturday Night Live wanted to use lasers in this production to enhance the artist Kendrick Lamar’s “rapping” in the nightclub style setting.

The team at Connecticut Lasers (aka CT Lasers) were contracted for this event. They utilized a “liquid sky” type of effect to surround the artist (Kendrick Lamar) in laser light. Kendrick Lamar loved the effect so much, that he actually wanted to “be inside” of the laser. So, in a controlled and safe manner, the team at CT Lasers made this happen using a combination of colorful slow cycling laser sheet effects.

Show Tech:
The team at CT Lasers used their Luminance RGB5000 projector for the event, which has a nice color balance featuring

2.4W/637nm RED
1W/532nm GREEN
2W/445nm BLUE

All Luminance units FDA/CDRH Certified. Show control used Pangolin’s new BEYOND laser control software, with the FB3QS hardware and APC40 MIDI console.

CT Lasers (

Saturday Night Live
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