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Zurich Street Parade

Laserworld AG recently finished work for one of the most notable laser light shows to take place in the country of Switzerland this year. The Laserworld team worked to produce the laser effects for the 2012 Zurich Street Parade in Zurich, Switzerland, which had an estimated 950,000 people in attendance.

For the parade, Laserworld had lasers running from three stages, including the “Sechseläutenplatz”, “Bürkliplatz” and “Konzerthaus”. Having lasers running from three separate stages, allowed for a multitude of different laser effects to take place simultaneously, helping provide an even greater experience for those watching the show. In addition, laser effects were performed in conjunction with a musical set performed by Steve Angello of Swedish House Mafia on the Sechseläutenplatz stage, and in conjunction with the DJ Group Pendulum on the Bürkliplatz stage.

Laserworld brought 150 watts in total laser power to the show, and used fifteen of their premium line RTI Projectors at the event. These RTI Projectors are available using the latest in Coherent OPSL laser technology as well as Cambridge Technology Scanning systems.

Show Tech:
The fifteen projector setup included a combination of:

RTI NANO AT6 RRYGCB 35W projectors (center stage) RTI

The output power and beam quality from the Laserworld RTI units was spectacular, and the high power beams were visible throughout the entire city of Zurich.

Pangolin Laser Systems Inc. provided the control systems for the show, and their revolutionary new BEYOND laser control software was used for this special event. Three Pangolin BEYOND systems running with QM2000.NET hardware were used on the Sechseläutenplatz stage. And three Pangolin BEYOND systems running one QM2000.NET and two FB3QS hardware devices were used for control on the Bürkliplatz stage. The systems used on the Bürkliplatz stage were controlled in conjunction with the AKAI APC 40, to perform “live” laser effects, to the beat of the music.

Laserworld (www.laserworld.com)

Zurich Street Parade Stage
Zurich Street Parade Laser controller
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