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Wibra Laser Part Picking Display

The Wibra Laser Part Picking Display is a flexible and adjustable display system for the identification of parts to be taken from picking locations along an assembly line. The system allows the position of the laser display to be changed at any time if the picking locations along the assembly line are modified. Wibra contacted Pangolin Laser Systems Inc. a while back discussing the application, and the result was that Pangolin’s LD2000 systems would be used for control of the laser projectors.

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Each laser projector is capable of simultaneously producing output at several positions. At this time there are five  with a QM2000.NET-adapter installed. Four of these boards are built into the laser projectors; one PRO board is located in the server-room within a laptop-friendly box and works as the ‘master’ board. During this year there will be a second installation at a different location, where Wibra will use between four to six laser projectors controlled with Pangolin.

Wibra (http://www.wibra-laser.de/)

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