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Warehouse Project

The Warehouse Project is a series of club nights organized in Manchester, England and has been going on since 2006.

For one of the most recent Warehouse Projects, the organizers decided to utilize a laser light show, to add more excitement and energy to the high profile event. For two nights, over 5,000 people squeezed into the venue, and watched as UK based laser light show company AC Lasers put on a spectacle of lights, that stunned the guests each night.

Show Tech
Andy Thompson and his team put in 5 lasers, including 2 x 5watt jenlas greens, and 2 x 17watt opsl RGYB systems, as well as one Large RRGYCB OPS system. All of the lasers were controlled by Pangolin’s LD2000/BEYOND .net systems and were synchronized the to the upbeat tempo of the dance music set.

In addition 8 bounce mirrors, 4 line gratings, and 2 burst gratins, were mounted around the venue for additional laser effects.

AC Lasers UK (www.ac-lasers.co.uk)

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