Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Each year, the Trans Siberian Orchestra (TSO) brings something new to the table, and this year was no different. Pyrotechnical effects designer Doug Adams works very closely with TSO founder Paul O’Neill and long-time friend and lighting designer Bryan Hartley. Pyrotek Special Effects and its sister company Laser Design Productions enhance the show with a range of lasers, flames, and new innovative effects. “Talks of new designs and proposals start literally after the completion of each year’s tour,” comments Adams.

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Show Tech
Two 10-watt Full Color DPSS/Diode Laser (Center Stage & FOH)
Four 5 watt DPSS KTP NdYag laser
Six LDP 10 Projectors
60 Bounce Mirrors
Pangolin LD2000 Software

Laser design Productions (

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