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Swedish House Mafia – Lisbon

Cittadini Laser has been one of Spain’s premiere laser production companies for many years now. In addition to performing shows, they also manufacture a series of high quality laser projectors, which can be used in a variety of entertainment applications.

So when the Swedish House Mafia came to town for the annual Baccanali House Party in Lisbon, Spain, they knew just who to call.

The team at Cittadini laser brought a large array of custom built laser projectors with them, including four 12 watt RGB Cittadini projectors, as well as two 20 watt RGB Cittadini projectors. In addition, the venue already had permanent installations of Cittadini projectors, including two Cittadini moving head laser projectors and two more 12 watt Cittadini projectors.

The Baccanali House Party is one of the most famous electronic music parties in Spain. Over 12,000 screaming fans packed the venues halls, as the Swedish House Party took the stage giving a performance that left the crowd in awe.

The Swedish House Mafia is no stranger to lasers either, and they have been working with various Pangolin dealers around the globe, to create stunning laser displays at nearly all of their worldwide events.

Show Tech: 
In total 10 laser projectors were used, all custom built by the team at Cittadini Laser. Six 12 watt RGB units were used, as well as two 20 watt RGB projectors, and two 12 watt Cittadini moving head laser projectors. All units were controlled using Pangolin’s new BEYOND laser control software, with the FB3QS hardware and APC40 MIDI controller.

CITTADINI LASER (www.cittadinilaser.com)

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