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Speed of Light

United Visual Artists was commissioned by Virgin Media to assist them in their artistic commission to celebrate 10 years of fibre-optic broadband. The show was designed to explore the quality of the laser beam and its ability to transmit messages from one place to another as well as the full dynamism of raw laser beam power. United Visual Artists contracted ER productions to design and manage the installation.

Show Tech
The display system was completely automated using eight 4-watt RGB Lasers, 7 infra-red curtains and 5 of ER Productions E-Stop systems. Because visible barriers would have detracted from the artistic feel and appearance of the show, the infra-red curtains were put in place to protect the public from the high-powered lasers. If a guest were to step through the barriers to approach the actual laser beams for whatever reason, the infra-red ‘beam’ of the curtains would be interrupted. With that interruption, the lasers immediately cut off with a response time of less than 20 milliseconds.
Dynamic portions of the display were controlled using Pangolin’s LD2000 software.

United Visual Artists (https://www.uva.co.uk/)

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