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Opening Night at Lincoln Financial Field

The Opening Night at Lincoln Financial Field was one of the larger shows produced by LSDI, and we were responsible for all show elements. Three lasers were used; two Lee Laser model 8100 Nd:YAG lasers, each producing 50 Watts. Up at the top of the stadium was the 3rd laser, a Lee Laser LDP-100, projecting images down onto the field. Since the stadium was directly on the approach path to Philadelphia airport, all laser effects were terminated within the venue.

Show Tech

All show elements, laser, pyro, lighting, video, and flame effects, operated directly from SMPTE timecode. Each laser system had its own Pangolin software and timecode reader. The overall show took three days to setup, one evening of show, and one day to strike. A crew of about 45 people, including 16 programmers, senior technicians, and stage managers was needed to make this happen. When the audience was on their feet cheering only half way through the show, I knew we had a winner.


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