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MUSE – The 2nd LAW World Tour

ER Productions has earned a reputation as being one of the world’s premiere laser production companies. They have been working with world renowned musical group the MUSE for several years now. ER Productions has helped the MUSE integrate lasers into their tours as an added lighting element, expanding the emotional impact their shows have.

ER Productions began work for the MUSE “The 2nd LAW” world tour in October 2012, and supplied 8 TRIPAN laser systems for the event. Six of these units were rigged across the back of the stage during each show. The other 2 were mounted high on the lighting truss and were used to project down onto the curved stage where 37 targeted mirrors were placed. All projectors were controlled using Pangolin’s LD2000 software and QM2000.NET hardware.

To add some additional excitement to the tour, MUSE front man Matt Bellamy requested a special laser effect be used where he holds a diffraction grating in his hand that projects a scattered array of laser beams. To accomplish this, ER Productions supplied a specially designed line grating that Matt holds in his hand during the into to “Follow Me”, then, using one of the mounted TRIPAN lasers, a beam is sent down to the stage and Matt Bellamy directs the laser into the roof. ER Productions (

MUSE - The 2nd LAW World Tour Crowd Stage
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