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Melbourne AAMI football stadium launch

Australia’s Melbourne city just completed a $267 mil stadium in the middle of the sporting precinct. Opening night was a Rugby league test between Australia and New Zealand. Oracle Laser launched the new stadium with complete coverage of the unique roof triangular structure with green and full color lasers illuminating and enhancing the shapes and contours for all of Melbourne to enjoy.

Show Tech

A total of 26 high powered OPS lasers were used, 16 mounted on the highest point of the lighting towers as well as another 6 on adjacent city block structures and scaffolding towers erected for the display and an additional 4 x 24Watt RRYGB OPS full color lasers for the internal playing field for animations. The entire infrastructure for the control used fiber optic cabling as well as 6 x microwave Ethernet links.
All lasers have their own individual QM2000.NET systems installed, all 26 of them were linked over the network back to two Pangolin control laptops.

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