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Latin Billboard Awards

One week before the huge live Telemundo broadcast of the Latin Billboard Awards show, LaserNet was contacted to add lasers to the performance of Enrique Iglesias. Since Enrique was rumored to be winning several awards, Enrique’s LD wanted “lots of lasers.”

The team at LaserNet rose to the challenge, and brought a total of 9 lasers to be on stage with Enrique. Being live television presented a variety of challenges to the performance, but the creative team at LaserNet, led by President Tom Harman developed a unique solution to compensate for this.

Click here for full Article in MONDO (page 37)

Show Tech
Three high powered YAG‘s and six RGB lasers were selected to surround the artist with laser beams. All lasers used at the event were controlled with Pangolin’s FB3 laser controller, and the easy to use QuickShow software

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