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LaserMan at Disney’s elecTRONica

The first and still the original LaserMan made his debut in the United States with a performance at Disney’s California Adventures Electronica, in support of Disney’s movie release TRON: LEGACY. ElecTRONica hosted at least two Laserman Experience shows each night on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings up until Janury 3, 2011 to celebrate the movie’s release.

Show Tech
Theo Dari holds the patent for the LaserMan performance. His idea won him the Silver Wand Award and First Place ILDA Award for Special Applications (the equivalent of the Oscar in the world of lasers). Both the laser show and music were powered by Pangolin’s award winning LD2000 system. For the display, a powerful laser projector was housed under a glass case from where the laser beams were projected.

Lumalaser with Theo Dari (

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