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Kuwait 50th Constitutional Day

ER Productions were asked to supply over 235 watts of laser power to Celebrate Kuwait’s 50th Constitutional Day. This was a world record-breaking show with 75,000 shots of fireworks within an hour. Within 2 weeks of confirmation, the site survey was complete and ER Productions had shipped over 3 tons of equipment to the middle east.

ER Productions used the beautiful Kuwait towers as a centrepiece for the event with a full color system rigged high on the larger of the two towers. The towers were also used for some elegant laser mapping which could be seen from Green Island, which is over 4km away.

20 large 2ft sq mirrors were also used around the top of the larger tower to send laser break-up effects around the Corniche.

The show was split into 5 sections and it was the team at ER Productions job to introduce each section using 5 monumental laser cubes. The laser cubes were 165 meters away from the laser towers so only the beam quality of an OPS laser system would do. Each sections title was written in Arabic onto the cubes as well as 3d mapping to accompany the headers throughout the hour long show.

Green Island (a small island 4km away from the towers) also needed high class lasers for this event, so ER Productions used two of their 24 watt OPS GREEN systems. The Island was substantially far away from FOH and our ER’s REDLINE wireless Ethernet Solution was perfect for the control aspect of this.

The team at ER Productions explains how their new PROPLEX Fiber solution was perfect for the 5 cube systems along the cornice of Kuwait City. Its rugged design and stability secured 24 hour operation for over 2 weeks in 40 degree heat.

In addition, fourteen Viper Delux smoke machines were used across the Corniche all controlled by the LUMEN wireless solution.

A Pangolin QM2000.NET operating system was the only solution for such a large scale show. “Running a network over fiber and wireless is always going to bring challenges. Then add the large distances of up to 4km and only the solid network capabilities of SHOWTIME would do”, quotes ER’s production manager Ryan Hagan.

Thirteen Pangolin QM2000.NET system were used for control, with an LD2000 PRO system sitting at FOH.

ER Productions states that they were very proud to be part of this record-breaking show and they express a big thank you to everyone involved who assisted with their work.

Show Tech:
235 watts of laser power were produced from 15 of ER Production’s laser systems, which feature all Coherent OPS laser technology. Show control was done using twelve Pangolin LD2000 Intro Systems,and one LD2000 PRO system, all controlled using the QM2000.NET hardware.

ER Productions (www.ER-productions.com)

Kuwait 50th Constitutional Day
Kuwait 50th Constitutional Day
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