Katy Perry: Prismatic World Tour

The Katy Perry World Tour has made global headlines, for its creative use of high contrast and immersive visual effects. Perhaps the most stunning element among all of the visual effects used on the 2015 tour, were the lasers and programming from the team at ER Productions.

Katy Perry’s album PRISM is a match made in heaven for lasers, and the team at ER Productions were able to replicate a PRISM effect for the tour, using a proprietary laser technology, that creates a stunning “beam burst” style display.

This was accompanied by what can only be described as a masterpiece of a stage. Sophisticated laser mapping effects were used to create a triangle-style stage setup, that was very unique, and perfectly complimented the PRISM laser effects used during the performance.

Show tech

For show control, ER Productions used 15 of Pangolin’s QM2000.NET hardware control systems together with the LD2000 and BEYOND software. A total of fifteen 21W RGBB lasers were controlled by ER Productions during the show, with a total output power of 315 watts!


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YouTube Music Awards 2015
Outdoor Laser Show at GEOVOL



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