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Katy Perry “California Dreams” Tour

Katie Perry’s showmanship partnered with the intricate and surreal laser effects created by Laser Design Productions for her tour, have been well received by crowds of dedicated fans. As she continues her tour into the fall returning to the UK and Europe, she will no doubt continue to showcase her tremendous talent and laser effects that wow crowds each and every night.

The full Article can be read at the Laser Design Production Website.

Show Tech
This stunning multi level visual experience, provided by Laser Design Productions consists of five laser systems; one 20 watt full color laser, two 15 watt full color lasers and two green yags. All laser projectors used for the Katy Perry “California Dream Tour” were controlled using Pangolin Systems, including the industry standard LD2000 Intro System.

Lorenzo Cornacchia, President and designer of Laser Design Productions decided that in order to fully utilize the lasers he would place the yags offstage, and the color lasers above the stage. Lorenzo Cornacchia states… “We have two full colors, right and left of the staircase, and they’re basically up about ten feet on a vertical truss so they can clear everybody… There’s also one laser that’s hanging upstage center, it projects down and hits the flap on the downstage edge.”

Laser Design Production (www.laserdesignproductions.com)

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