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Disneyland – World of Color

World of Color is a nighttime entertainment show taking place at the Disneyland California Adventure park which is part of the Disneyland resort in California. The entire show cost roughly $75,000,000 to design, and build. World of Color boasts more than 1,200 fountains and includes beautiful laser lights provided by Pangolin dealer LumaLaser. In addition, the production uses water, fire, fog, and high-definition projections cast over mist screens.

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Show Tech
The show uses water fountains equipped with an LED light ring that can shoot water up to 200 ft in the air. Other water features include a 380-foot-long mist screen on which images are projected. This show also uses fire nozzles which are capable of shooting flames up to 50 ft in the air. Fog and lasers are used to dramatize the effect. All lasers used for the attraction are powered by Pangolin, and many were controlled using Pangolin’s award winning LD2000 system.

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