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Scottish band Chvrches (pronounced “Churches”) hired the laser experts at ER Productions, to make laser effects “dance” to their electro-pop glacial synth sound, at London’s Brixton Academy.

The show was sparkling and immersive, with the entire environment filled with layer upon layer of sharply focused lights and lasers, giving a unique and original feel to the performance.

Show tech

ER Productions supplied 3 of the incredibly small and lightweight Arctos REGUS RGB laser systems, boasting 7.4 W of balanced output power. All of the lasers were controlled with Pangolin’s LD2000 and BEYOND software.

The 3 Arctos lasers were accompanied by 24 of the new RGB BEAMBURSTs from ER Productions, capable of single beam laser effects as well as diffraction-style laser effects. .

Katy B



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