How to make custom laser beam effects

Laser Beam Shows are considerably the most popular type of laser show that can be created. And the more professional the nature of the laser show taking place (for example a large festival, concert, tour, or theatrical event) the more detailed the laser beam effects need to be, to ensure they match the theme of the event as well as the other lighting being used.

There are two types of laser beam shows that can be created. These include live laser shows and pre-programmed laser shows.

In this educational blog post, we’ve created a four-part tutorial series that will show you step by step how to create your own custom laser beam effects and sequences, using the Pangolin BEYOND laser show software.

BEYOND Laser Beam Cue Creation Tutorial (part 1)

BEYOND Laser Beam Cue Creation Tutorial (part 2)

BEYOND Laser Beam Cue Creation Tutorial (part 3)

BEYOND Laser Beam Cue Creation Tutorial (part 4)

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