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How to create laser advertisements

Lasers are a great tool for advertising, given their ability to produce a plethora of effects such as laser text, laser graphics, laser logos, and more. Throughout this blog post, we will talk about the different types of laser advertisements you can create, and show you how to set those types of laser shows and displays up.

Standard Advertisements are boring... 

Simply put, standard billboard advertising is played out, and boring. It's not drawing consumers in as much anymore, as you see display advertisements everywhere nowadays. Lasers are bright, vibrant, and naturally entice people to look at them. And using lasers for advertising will help take your marketing efforts, to a whole new level.  

It's as easy as connecting power to your laser, opening the software, and then letting your creative and artistic freedom take shape. 


Before you can create any laser effects, you will need and laser suitable for creating laser advertisements, as well as design and control software, that allow you to create the actual ads. The most commonly used lasers for advertising are noted below: 

Indoor Events - ClubMAX FB4 Series 
Outdoor Events - LogoLas Series
Long Distance Outdoor Ads - Spectrum Series 
Design and control software - QuickShow
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Creating Laser Text for Advertising 

City Arena laser text at stadium

Creating laser text, that can be used for advertising is incredibly easy to do. The QiuckShow software has a built-in tool called "QuickText" that allows you to create customized laser text in seconds. Just type in your desired message, choose your color(s) and apply an effect if you choose.

QuickShow screen shot of quicktext tool

Then, your desired message is immediately displayed for everyone to see. It's just that simple. 

Watch this video, to see it in action: 


Creating Laser Graphics for Advertising 

laser graphic on kvant laser

Creating laser graphics are another great way to promote your brand or product. And when using a laser, your logo can be colored, animated, and brought to life in laser light, making it stand out even more. 

Designing laser logos is also very easy to do when you have the right equipment. The lasers featured at, are all capable of projecting high definition laser logos, which can be visible from incredibly far distances.

And the QuickShow software has a tool called "QuickTrace" which allows you to immediately import any logo (in nearly any file format) and automatically trace it in laser, for everyone to see. You can as animate the logo, once again bringing it to life. 

Quick Trace tool inside of Quick Show software

Watch this video, to see it in action: 

Taking it a step further...

For those who want to trace their own image, and then animate the content so that it comes to life, the frame editor inside QuickShow was designed to do this. 

Laser frame editor inside of Quick Show software

With this tool, you will be able to individually tweak graphics and animations anyway you want them, and bring any sort of laser graphic, logo, or text, to life. Check out the video below, to see it in action. 

3D Laser Displays for Advertising

Imagine seeing your product, logo or marketing statement, projected in the air, for all to see. This too is possible, using lasers. Using the tools mentioned above, you can take your desired content, and then project it through a scrim, water screen, or smokescreen, which will create the illusion that the content is truly "floating in space". This is a very innovative, and intricate means, of using lasers for advanced advertising purposes. 

Check out our blog post on 3D laser shows to learn about all the different types of effects, and how you can create them yourself:

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We have a TON of videos on our YouTube Channel, demonstrating laser advertising, as well as showing you how to use lasers for other sorts of marketing and corporate events. You can also browse the educational section of our website, to learn more about laser display and laser show technology in general. 

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