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Advanced Color System Training in Pangolin BEYOND

Have you ever wondered why the laser light output for graphics does not exactly match the colors on your computer screen?

This can be caused by different elements like different powerful laser diodes, different diode driver settings and not to forget the non linearity of laser diodes itself, to just name a few. If you are not a specialized laser technician, you never should open the laser hardware and try to adjust any settings at hardware directly.

As a professional laser show software BEYOND user, you are able to adjust the settings by yourself to get a wonderful balanced color output for your laser graphics in just a few simple steps.


Are there preconditions to setup a color balanced output?

Not really. You need the laser show software BEYOND and a laser that has a analog color modulation ( those settings does not affect a TTL color modulated laser ). As you are an ambitious laserist, we are sure you fulfill those minimum requirements with ease.

If you are already a Pangolin Quickshow laser show professional, it might be a good idea move forward and get BEYOND now. You can get the update to the different version (Essentials, Advanced and Ultimate) of BEYOND at your local dealer of trust or also simply at the Pangolin web shop.

Basically the steps to get a fully balanced color output are quickly done, as you can see here at the BEYOND tutorial video from our friend Nathan Miller:

  1. Open the BEYOND projector settings and switch to the tab Color Settings
  2. Edit the Advanced Color settings
  3. Set equal brightness for all circles and colors you like to set up.

Its easy as 1, 2, 3 ….

What if my laser has more than the typical red, blue and green laser diodes inside?

The answer is easy. You can setup the color for every color shade you like, also for intermediate colors, even if you do not have a specific diode for that color inside your laser light projector.

Check out this BEYOND video tutorial on how to setup the advanced color system for a laser light projector:

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