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Returning hardware to Pangolin

Please complete the hardware return form below to start the return process. After submitting this form we will verify the request which will be followed by a confirmation email. This confirmation email contains shipping instruction how and where to ship the products. Please print two copies of the confirmation email. Keep one copy for your records, and include the other when shipping your products.

If you are returning your hardware (QM2000, Flashback, etc.) to Pangolin, please follow these important shipping recommendations. (If you don’t, then you or the shipper may have to pay for a replacement if the hardware is damaged or lost.)

  • If you are returning a board-level product, such as QM2000 or Flashback, always put the board in a pink, black or silvered anti-static bag or wrap. Do not use clear plastic bags or wraps; these will generate static which may damage the board. If you don’t have anti-static bags, wrap the board in a sheet of aluminum foil.

  • Ship the product in a box. Do not ship it in a padded bag; this does not provide enough protection.

  • Cushion the product inside the box. Shippers generally recommend at least two inches (five cm) cushioning on all sides, using foam “peanuts” or bubble wrap. We have seen a number of repairs/returns get damaged from improper packaging. When this happens, very often extra repair charges are levied.

  • We strongly recommend that you use a well-known shipping company such as FedEx, DHL or UPS, and use their  “Large box”. FedEx, DHL and UPS have fast-track arrangements with customs agencies.

  • If the product is tied to a BEYOND or LD2000 system, insure the shipment for $1500 USD or the price you paid for the product. If the product is tied to QuickShow, insure the shipment for $500 USD or the price you paid for the product.

  • Put your address (business card) and a printout of the return form inside the box. If the outer documents are lost, the shipper can look inside to contact you.

  • If you are outside the EU, declare the product for “Temporary Export”. On the customs and shipping documents, note that the “product is being returned to the authorized service center for repair”. This helps avoid unnecessary charges after the repair, when the product re-enters your country.

Please be sure that your return address is on or inside the package, so we know where to return the product!

Hardware Return Form

An asterisk (*) indicates data is required. If you are sending more than one piece of hardware, please fill out one form for each piece.