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Professional laser design, and multimedia control software

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The world’s leading professional laser
and multimedia control software.

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Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc. ( Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc. ( Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc. ( Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc. (

Support for all major industry protocols

Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc. (

Advanced LIVE control

BEYOND has the world’s most advanced live laser show engine, with incredible support for MIDI, DMX and ArtNet devices. Using
BEYOND’s powerful scripting tools, you can actually design your own custom profiles and maps for those devices as you see fit. Or if
you need an easy button, just use one of our stock maps or profiles.

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A true multimedia timeline

The BEYOND Multimedia Timeline allows you to combine laser, video, audio, DMX lighting and more, all in one easy to use and convenient place.

Because of this, BEYOND is widely used throughout the lighting industry, as the main control systems for complete multimedia show performances (combining lasers, video, lighting, audio, pyro and more).

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Laser control for lighting designers

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Incredible effect engine

Color chases, cross fades, edge blending and more…

Advanced effects like these can easily be programmed and controlled
using BEYOND’s powerful effect editors.

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Software Integrations

Visualizer Integrations

Stop setting up your demos!
Visualize them instead…

BEYOND supports multiple visualization programs.

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All colors matter!

Make sure they play nicely, with our advanced color palette training system

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Laser mapping, made easy

Our advanced geometric correction tools and free form mesh, make mapping out nearly any device you can think of, easier than ever before.

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Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc. (

Interactive laser displays

Make your lasers move with your body movement.

BEYOND’s powerful interactive laser features,
allow you to create truly interactive, laser light shows.

Customize BEYOND for your needs

PangoScript Tool

PangoScript is a tool inside of BEYOND that allows you to access the core of the software, and customize it to meet your needs. Using PangoScript, you can write individual code commands to execute just about any function you can imagine. For example, if you want to map out a MIDI, DMX or LIGHTING CONSOLE and customize what each knob, button, and slider does, this is easily achieved, using PangoScript.

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BEYOND Universe

The BEYOND Universe is an exciting feature that allows you to create customized workspaces within the software, to meet your specific show needs. For example, if wanted to have a workspace with specific sliders for colors, brightness, rotation, DMX triggers, etc. and you wanted to lock this workspace for a client or show, so that it cannot be changed, this is all possible using the BEYOND Universe.
* Software development kit is also available.

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3D Laser animations and content

BEYOND 3D is an advanced 3D animation and editing program, designed specifically for laser displays. Using BEYOND 3D you can create animated 3D laser content, as well as 3D laser text, graphics and logos.

BEYOND 3D is also compatible with other 3D animation and drawing programs, including 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D, Maya, Blender and others (using the .FBX file format).

Click here to watch the tutorial series Watch 3D Laser Shows
Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc. (

It’s like Photoshop for lasers

Advanced Drawing Program and Frame Editor

BEYOND includes an advanced drawing program and frame editor, that make creating custom content, as well as editing existing content, easier than ever before.

It works in a similar fashion as the popular Photoshop program, but was designed specifically to support laser content and frames.

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The abstract, alive in laser
BEYOND’s Abstract Generators

BEYOND comes with two different abstract editors that
can be used to create amazing abstract laser displays.

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Beautiful content, at your fingertips

If you enjoy simplicity and don’t want to be bothered with programming content, you will love QuickShow. The software includes nearly 2,000 pieces of stock laser clipart, and hundreds of FREE laser shows. Simply click the cue or show you want to display, and you are up and running in seconds.

Pangolin Cloud…
It’s like iTunes for laser shows

The innovative new Pangolin cloud provides you with a nearly infinite stream of fresh content to choose from. All easily downloaded directly within the software. Think of having your very own “iTunes” for laser shows, cues and content, built right inside the program. And as an artist, you can also create your own profile, and design your own laser shows and content to share or sell with others. (* iTunes is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.)

Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc. (

High definition output, and scan speed support

The FB3QS and FB4 hardware were designed to help improve the output from your laser projector. Giving you high-definition looking laser effects. In addition, the software supports high-speed scanners inside of professional laser projectors. So no matter what laser projector you are using, QuickShow can help optimize this.

We also offer a full line of professional laser projectors, made to work perfectly with QuickShow software. Our systems are entirely built in Europe, and integrate a variety of Pangolin technology, providing you with a laser experience, like no other. Now YOU, can harness the same laser technology, as today’s leading special FX and production companies.

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Because we CARE about YOU

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We pride ourselves on providing ongoing value to you as a member of the Pangolin Family. And as we develop new features for QuickShow and continually UPDATE THE SOFTWARE, these will be made available to you absolutely FREE of charge.

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We also provide you with FREE SUPPORT and training. So if you ever HAVE QUESTIONS, rest assured a TEAM OF EXPERIENCED AND PROFESSIONAL LASER TECHNICIANS, will be there to help.

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FREE training materials

We include a variety of FREE Training Materials with QuickShow. Including a full tutorial series (available in multiple languages) that you can access at anytime. CLICK HERE, to see the QuickShow tutorials.

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Multi-language support

We also translated the QuickShow software and made it available in several different languages. Including English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Swedish and even more coming soon.

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