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Depence² package and key
  • Depence² package and key
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Depence² | Special-FX Module

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Depence² is a unique visualization application designed for professionals who need to simulate multimedia installations with precise, detailed, and realistic results.

Depence² is the ideal platform to control and pre-viz your entire show. All the physical and controlled characteristics of the real equipment are simulated in real-time with pinpoint accuracy. Depence² helps you eliminate the guess work out of visualizing your designs.

The Special-FX Module for Depence² allows you to create fully customizable special effects, using Syncronorm's incredible particle engine. Providing you with features such as flames, CO2 jets, dynamic ground fog, spark fountains, and many more.

Download the official Depence² demo.

Product Overview


Dozens of different and fully customizable parameters allow us to create any kind of flame fixture whether it is gas or liquid based. Even the surroundings are getting illuminated by the direct light of each fire particle.


The FX particle engine also supports opaque elements such as CO2 canons, fog machines and even ground fog. This feature fully interacts with all lighting and projections.



The engine also supports any kind of sparkle effects, which e.g. can be a fountain or rain, same as flame particles emitting direct light into the scene. All physical parameters are adjustable.


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