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Depence² | Fountain Module

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Depence² is a unique visualization application designed for professionals who need to simulate multimedia installations with precise, detailed, and realistic results.

Depence² is the ideal platform to control and pre-viz your entire show. All the physical and controlled characteristics of the real equipment are simulated in real-time with pinpoint accuracy. Depence² helps you eliminate the guess work out of visualizing your designs.

The Fountain Module for Depence² takes water simulation to a whole new level, featuring an advanced physics engine that calculates the hydrodynamic behavior of fountains in real-time. Providing you with immense realism, making it very easy to perfectly synchronize your show with collisions and splashes of water.

Download the official Depence² demo.

Product Overview

Foundation Hydrodynamics

Depence 2 fountain hydrodynamics example

Modular Devices

Depence 2 modular devices example

There are hundreds of possible component combinations within fountain technology. Depence² allows you to connect these different types of nozzles with various types of moving fixtures and lights.

With Depence², it is now possible to simply “snap” fixtures onto other fixtures. This makes it easy to quickly test different permutations of water effects.

Intelligent Connections

Depence 2 intelligent connections examples

Our innovative concept of Dependencies allows you to instantly connect fixtures, such as nozzles with valves and valves with pumps.

These connections will be used to calculate hydrodynamics and lighting. In reality these connections can be simply compared with real-world installation pipes and cabling.


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