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Depence² | Animation Module

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Depence² is a unique visualization application designed for professionals who need to simulate multimedia installations with precise, detailed, and realistic results.

Depence² is the ideal platform to control and pre-viz your entire show. All the physical and controlled characteristics of the real equipment are simulated in real-time with pinpoint accuracy. Depence² helps you eliminate the guess work out of visualizing your designs.

The Video Module for Depence² allows you to create the perfect 3D test environment for visualizing video projection mapping.

Download the official Depence² demo.

Product Overview

The 3D test environment inside Depence² is the perfect place to test and design video projection mapping scenarios. Depence² simulates several features of conventional video-projectors like Keystone correction, Soft-Edge and Masking. Videos can be projected onto any 3D Surface as well as onto fountains and water screens.

Depence² also contains an integrated Media Server which allows you to play back multiple videos via the show timeline. Furthermore, it supports external video streaming via network broadcasting protocols such as NDI, to receive live video signals from external media servers like Resolume, Arkaos and more.


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