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TNA Wrestling Pay-Per-View

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) is an American professional wrestling promotion TNA showcases Lucha Libre style Cruiserweight action under the X Division, while also concentrating on the heavyweight division. TNA is the first American promotion to use a hexagonal wrestling ring exclusively as opposed to the more conventional four-sided ring. For shows taking place in the TNA Impact! Zone, two separate entrance ramps are used for heels and faces.

Show Tech
One laser is recessed beneath the stage in the center of the upstage area, while the other two are located under the band risers. The system is controlled by a 3-Card Pangolin Laser Control System and there are a total of 60 bounce mirrors over and around the main stage and B-stage.

In creating a full look, the framing of the scans would be as wide as possible.

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