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Spice Girls at the O2 Arena

Word has it that Victoria Beckham vetoed the use of conventional pyro effects. Instead, however, Roy Bennett and Springo hired Pyrotek Special Effects and its president, Doug Adams, to create a range of interesting laser sequences. These include a pink and purple effect for a specific, fashion show-themed catwalk entrance.

Said Adams: “I wanted to ensure that the lasers generated full color and strong appearance. We resorted from using the 5W and invested in three new 10W full color, air-cooled diode lasers to really make the laser show punchy.”

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Show Tech
One laser is recessed beneath the stage in the center of the upstage area, while the other two are located under the band risers. The system is controlled by a 3-Card Pangolin Laser Control System and there are a total of 60 bounce mirrors over and around the main stage and B-stage.

In creating a full look, Adams ensured that the framing of the scans would be as wide as possible. Also provided by Pyrotek are two LSGs for low smoke effects and 18 chryo jet heads each fitted with an individual head linked to its own 50lb high-pressure liquid CO2 tank.

Pyrotek Special Effects (https://www.pyrotekfx.com/)




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