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Shakira on Giza Pyramids

The team of Laseronics executed a flawless laser light show as a prelude (introduction) to the famous Latina star Shakira. The ten minute laser light extravaganza was beamed from the base of the Chephren pyramid (middle great pyramid) onto a twenty thousand strong audience situated over a kilometer away across the desert. The show was so spectacular that the audience was expecting Shakira to come out from the pyramids! The orange laser beam flooded the desert creating a beautiful sea of orange. The beams were adjusted to touch the tops of the spectators’ heads which dyed everyone’s hair a Mobinil orange.

Show Tech
To pull off this amazing show, Laseronics brought together, four of the most powerful air cooled laser in the world. Two air-cooled Jenlas Lasers, each with a single output configured specifically to beam the strongest orange laser ever produced. One multicolor air-cooled Jenlas laser with two outputs and one Verdi 10 Watt laser.
All of the lasers were driven by three Pangolin QM2000.NET systems over a wireless network.

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