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Jean Michel Jarre

International recording sensation Jean Michel Jarre turns to one company, and one company only when he uses lasers for his immense multimedia shows… The guys at Laser Image NL.

At his recent outdoor performance for Price Albert of Monaco’s wedding, Jarre and the team at Laser Image NL used a combined 300W of laser power to light up the stage, and send the audience into over drive.

The show was performed on a huge set located in the harbor of Monte Carlo, Monaco, and was free for residents of Monaco, as a gift from Price Albert.

The full article can be read in MONDO (page 38)

Show Tech
90% of the lasers at the show were generated by COHERENT’s Taipan OPS laser modules, and were all controlled using Pangolin’s QM2000 board, and .NET OEM board, which were both imbedded into the majority of laser projectors used at the event. This novel approach allowed the team at Laser Image to network the projectors together, and made setup and cabling much easier to facilitate.

Laser Image NL and COHERENT (




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