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Touring the US, phenom rapper “Drizzy” Drake ended his tour at the Molson Amphitheater, in the midst of the 43rd annual Caribana Festival, a two-week celebration of Caribbean culture. Pyrotek Special Effects and Laser Design Productions were on hand and added a series of impressive pyrotechnics as well as a multitude of powerful full-color lasers to the event.

Show Tech
Four 25-watt OPS, full-color air-cooled lasers. Two lasers were situated stage left and right, the third laser was located upstage center shooting over the DJ, and the fourth laser was mounted in the center upstage truss and shot various beam and scan effects onto the downstage edge, reflecting off a mirror strip. Pangolin’s QM2000.NET were built into each laser system, and an LD2000 Pro system was installed into QM2000.NET Laptop box, and built into their Data rack.

Laser Design Production (http://www.laserdesignproductions.com/news.html)




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