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Cleveland Indians

Rock N’ Blast is a phenomenal annual fireworks event at Progressive Field, thrilling the fans with innovative fireworks choreography set to a different theme each year. Pyrotecnico has produced the fireworks and special effects for Rock N’ Blast every year since the show’s debut, paying tribute to Rock N’ Roll and historical music icons. This show is the largest of all of the fireworks displays at Progressive Field each year, and included 25 minutes of fireworks and now includes lasers. Rock N’ Blast is a very unique show, bringing friends and families together to watch an awe-inspiring production that continues to impress the crowd with new themes and more dazzling effects each year.

For the 2012 event, Pyrotecnico added lasers to the variety of fireworks and special effects to draw even more Ooh’s and Aah’s from the crowds and bring even more creativity and passion into the show. Pangolin Systems were featured at the Cleveland Indians’ 2012 Rock N’ Blast event at Progressive Field, spicing up the annual fireworks show with some amazing laser choreography set to a Beatles-themed soundtrack which was displayed on large scale video screens. Pyrotecnico, a full service fireworks and special effects company, lit up the field with laser and fireworks choreography that came together in perfect sync with the music and video created by the Cleveland Indians, for a multimedia show that the Indians fans will never forget.

Show Tech:
Two 24G LaserCubes, two RGB 11 LaserCubes, one RGB 22 SkyWriter, and five Pangolin boxes were used to choreograph and execute this show, and the precision timing was impeccable. The lasers were truly a great addition to the show, giving the audience a perfect end to a night of America’s favorite pastime.





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