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Barclay’s Grand Opening NYC

For the grand opening of Barclay’s arena (home to the recently formed NBA team the Brooklyn NETS), veteran laser production company Lasertainment (led by Mr. Robert Teorey) was contracted to perform the laser show for the event.

All eyes were looking to the sky during this historic grand opening, as Lasertainment provided 10 of their large scale laser systems, to perform an outdoor laser display in the heart Brooklyn, New York. The projectors were all controlled using Pangolin’s LD2000 software, and QM2000.NET hardware, allowing the team at Lasertainment to network all the projectors together, and control these projectors across large distances.

Since 1985, Lasertainment has been providing exceptional professional quality laser light shows for corporate events, festivals, sporting events and concerts. Their recent move to New York City has also helped to propel the company to even greater stature, as they are able meet more client demands due to their improved geographic location.

Show Tech
10 of Lasertainment’s High Power “Stinger” laser projectors were used for this event. These were all controlled using Pangolin’s award winning LD20000 software, and QM2000.NET Laptop hardware.


Barclays Grand Opening NYC Stadium



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