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Laser Shows for Corporate Events

Laser Shows are growing in popularity across a wide variety of segments. Now a days, you can see lasers shows just about everywhere… From nightclubs and festivals, to theme parks and sporting events, to music videos and tours. However, in recent years, the corporate world has also taken notice and realized that laser shows add that “WOW” factor to their events. Be it a new product release, company event or launch, or promotional advertising campaign, lasers add a stunning, visually impactful display, which your clients will be sure to remember. An example of this can be seen by watching the following laser show and video, which was created for world-famous car manufacturer AUDI. A laser show was choreographed and displayed using our LD2000 and BEYOND laser show systems, to help increase excitement for a new line of automobiles AUDI was releasing to the market.

Here at Pangolin, we see the new trends emerging in the laser light show business (such as the use of laser shows at corporate events), and we have crafted our laser show software and hardware to meet the growing needs of the marketplace. When using Pangolin Systems, you will have the tools you need to create amazing laser light shows, just like the one in this video. If you have questions about the use of laser shows at corporate events, or if you would like additional information on laser shows in general, contact us! We’ve been creating laser systems since 1986, and as the world’s leading provide of laser show software and hardware, and as an industry leader in the laser entertainment industry, we are more than happy to help.

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