2019 - Pangolin Holiday Specials


BEYOND is a professional laser design software made for lighting professionals, and is being used for the biggest laser shows and tours around.

BEYOND Features Overview

- Support for all major lighting protocols
- BEYOND DMX and ArtNET server
- Advanced live control engine | Media server for lighting console
- 3D animation and modeling program
- Multimedia timeline
- Enhanced laser effect engine
- Visualization support
- Color balance system
- Geometric and safety correction
- Abstract generator
- Multi-language support

kinetic-lights-plugin-2019-specials-graphicEasily track all sorts of kinetic lighting fixtures with lasers using BEYOND's Kinetic Lights Plugin!

Kinetic Lights Plugin Overview
Allows you to easily setup and control lasers with kinetic moving lights and related effects.



QuickShow is a complete laser control system including both the QuickShow software and FB3QS hardware.

FB3QS Features Overview
The world’s easiest, and most convenient laser control hardware.
- Includes the award winning QuickShow software.
- Easy USB connection.
- Timeline
- Frame editor
- Quick tools (for logos, text, effects and more)
- 2,000 FREE laser gobos
- 400 FREE laser shows

disco-scan-2.0-2019-specials-graphic The DiscoScan 2.0 Lens allows you to turn your laser projector into an “electronic mirror ball” able to scan anywhere is a 360° circle.

DiscoScan 2.0 Features Overview
Expands your laser projectors scan angle, to 180° x 360°, for vastly more laser coverage, from a single laser projector. No other device can produce the kinds of effects possible, with the DiscoScan 2.0 Lens.

Our patented Safety Scan Lenses were designed to help make your shows safer, while at the same time allowing your shows maintain a high level of visual impact.

Safety Scan Lens Features Overview
Used to help make audience scanning laser shows safer and more enjoyable to watch. Increases the divergence of the laser beam when projecting into the audience area.

realizzer-3d-2019-sales-specials-graphicRealizzer 3D allows you to create photo realistic designs and instantly view your light show in real-time on your PC.

Realizzer 3D Features Overview
- Simulation of Moving-Heads, Scanner, Spots, LEDs
- Almost all lighting effects (Wheels, Prism, Iris, Shutter, etc.)
- Video Projections and Walls with Geometric Correction
- Create highly realistic videos in full HD to present your show designs
- High Quality Laser Simulation
- Unique real-time Laser-Scanner Simulation and Volume Fog
- 3D Model Import (+20 formats)
- DMX Controllable Machinery
- ArtNET & SyncroNET Input (up to DMX 128 Universes)
- Easy to use 3D-Editor and User Interface

3D Laser Mapping with Pangolin's BEYOND Software
BEAM BRUSH | Paint With Laser Light!



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