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ScannerMax VRAD-1510

ScannerMax VRAD-1510


The VRAD Actuator you see here, called the VRAD 1510, is an ideal solution for use as a heavy duty beam block, optical shutter, chopper, or deflector. These are already integrated into a wide-variety of laser display products (such as those offered by Pangolin at www.GETLASER.com), and our VRAD platform won an ILDA Award for Technical Achievement in 2012.

Product Overview

Click Here, to learn more about the VRAD-1510, and to see the official datasheet. 

The VRAD 1510 is a limited rotation Versatile Rotary Actuator Device featuring a magnetic spring return, very wide-angle capability, and linear angle-versus-current profile. The high coil resistance allows for low power consumption, and access to two individual drive coils allows flexible single-supply unidirectional or bidirectional operation as well as dual-supply operation. Front and rear shafts allow multiple points of attachment, or the use of an encoder or position sensor for closed loop operation.