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What is new in QuickShow 3.0?

QuickShow has been a world leading laser control platform for years, and now we’re making it even better!
The new QuickShow 3.0 includes a variety of  improvements that make it even more powerful,
while still retaining the ease of use and affordable price point clients have come to love.

And best of all, the update is FREE! 


New MIDI Support & APC Mini Profile

With QS 3.0, you now get full MIDI support for the popular APC Mini. In addition, we have created a special bundle, allowing you to get QuickShow 3.0 and the APC Mini, at one low price. Offers coming soon! Stay tuned.

New Virtual DJ Plugin

QuickShow now offers a new Virtual DJ plugin, allowing you to precisely and automatically sync your music together with your laser shows. This a perfect control solution for artists using the Virtual DJ software, and best of all, the plugin is absolutely FREE!

Faster Scan Speeds


QuickShow 3.0 now supports up to 40K scan speeds, providing you with faster, more accurate scanning capability. NOTE: BEYOND software supports up to 120K scan speeds, and the FB3QS hardware also supports up to 120K.


Improved Workspace with more cues


QuickShow 3.0 also provides clients with an all new workspace, including more cues, programmed by our renowned team of laser artists! We will be introducing the new workspace at PLS Frankfurt 2016. Join us, and come and see it in action!


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How to download QuickShow 3.0?

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