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We are very excited to announce the next step in the development of the BEYOND software, the release of version 2.1! With BEYOND 2.1, we will be segmenting the software into it’s three versions (Essentials, Advanced and Ultimate), as well as optimizing and improving features, offering you the best results yet from this world-leading, professional laser control platform.

To help make comparing the Essentials, Advanced and Ultimate versions of  BEYOND as easy as possible, we have also created the following table (below), which shows all of the major features of BEYOND, along with clear depictions as to which BEYOND software version that feature is available in. We’ve also included references to QuickShow, for clients who work on this platform, but are interested in learning more about BEYOND.

If you already purchased BEYOND, you got the Special Launch Edition of the software with your order. This was an “unlocked” version of BEYOND, that allowed you to use and experiment with all features the software had to offer. The Special Launch Edition is now yours to keep. And, you will also get the 2.1 update for the Essentials version of BEYOND, as well as continued updates for life for Essentials (make sure to contact us, for your license file in this regard). If you are interested in getting continued updates for the Advanced or Ultimate versions, considering upgrading your BEYOND software accordingly. You can find information about this, by Clicking Here.

NOTE: In order to work with BEYOND 2.1 and future BEYOND updates, you will need an updated license file to operate the software. To obtain this, contact Pangolin directly, and we will generate a new license file for you, giving you access to the BEYOND 2.1 features, as well as future updates. 

NOTE ABOUT FB4: Our new FB4 hardware (which was just recently released), is also supported within BEYOND 2.1, as well as within the latest version of QuickShow (2.7). If you are working with FB4, and wish to use it with the BEYOND software, note that you must use BEYOND version 2.1 or higher. If you are using QuickShow with FB4, please note that you must use the latest version of QuickShow (version 2.7 or higher).

If you have any questions about working with BEYOND 2.1, or on the Essentials, Advanced and Ultimate versions of the software, please feel free to contact us at anytime.


Page Load/Save
Advanced Draw
Synth Editor
Abstraction Editor
Universe editing
Spatial Effects
ERP (OpenGL preview)
Support of external visualizers
Output to QM2000
Number of Pages per workspace 40 80 250 250
Number of Tracks limit 40 200 200
Projection zone number limit 30 60 200 200
Also Output to option for Zones
Secondary names for Zones
MIDI Surface
MIDI to Code
Keyboard to Code
DMX to Code
OSC to PangoScript
Channels tab
Visual clipboard tab
PangoScript tab
Number of Media Tracks on the timeline 1 2 unlimited unlimited
Secondary workspace
Secondary tab-set on the right
Effect morph sliders in FX
speed and timeshift for Zone FXs
Zone LiveControl, and FX
New Timeline editor – main client area.
Network – LivePRO like (UDP broadcast) network
Network – TCP/IP script-server (for external control)
Import ST2000 shows
LC Flash
Object Animator
Fixture, DMX Groups, Multi Groups
Advanced Plugins
BUS Tracks, “Side Effect” lines
Time Control tab
Number of lasers can be controlled 9 9 24 24
PangoScript tab

The 2015 Pangolin Shows Competition has begun! FB4 Dominates the Summer Festival and Tour Scene